Safey and Security

Secured Check-In

At The Walk, we have a secure check-in process on Sunday mornings. First-time visitors check-in at the Preschool Welcome Center, and all other check-in centers are located inside The Walk. We have an assistant at the check-in desk if extra help is needed, but the stations are designed to be self-check.

How to Check-In

Enter the last four digits of your home phone number (or cell phone if that is your main contact number) to pull up your children’s information. Click on the class/service they will be attending that morning and make sure to "print all" when you are given the printing option. (If you print the child’s label and forget to print the parent label and then go back in to print the parent label, the random numbers will change and not be the same on both labels.) The label you receive for your child will have their name, the class they are assigned to, along with the parent/guardian name. There is also a random number generated weekly on the child’s label that corresponds with the random number on the parent’s label. If you are unable to locate your parent label when you come to pick-up your child, please see the Coordinator or Preschool Minister. You will be asked to provide some identification before your child is released to you. Thank you for understanding and for helping us to make The Walk the safest place for your children!

Magnetic Lock Doors

While we have children inside The Walk, we have the ability to lock our doors for extra security purposes. Our Preschool Coordinators and Welcome Center Assistants have scan card access to the doors, and we are happy to allow you in at anytime. We lock the doors at the beginning of our Large Group Time and un-lock them prior to the end of each service. If you arrive to The Walk after the doors are locked, a Welcome Center Assistant will be happy to assist you with unlocking the doors. If our Large Group has begun after your arrival, please keep your children with you at the back until the teacher can accept your children.

Hand Washing

We realize that the #1 way to prevent the spreading of germs amongst children is effective hand washing. We do our very best to ensure that your child and other children are not passing germs. Please help us with this effort by washing their hands before they arrive. When spending time with us, we have them wash their hands before snack, after playing on the playground and after using the restroom. We do our best to wash our hands frequently, after tending to a child’s nose, before we hand out snack, after taking the children to the restroom and after we use the restroom.


When changing diapers, our staff uses a new pair of gloves for each diaper change and we spray the changing pad with a safe disinfectant spray after each change. All surfaces in a classroom are sprayed with a safe disinfectant that kills germs but is safe on toys, after each time children have been in a classroom. All of our sheets and blankets are laundered after every use. If a crib is used multiple times, new sheets and blankets are used for every new child. Please be especially aware of signs of illness before coming to the nursery. Do not send children with symptoms of contagion to the nursery. These symptoms include green nasal discharge, fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. Children must be fever free for twenty-four hours before returning to the nursery. If a child has a runny nose due to allergies, a doctor’s note stating the child is not contagious is extremely helpful for us and other concerned parents.

Special Needs

Our loving Preschool Ministry is a safe and caring place for all children. We will take the best possible care of your child and will make every effort to accommodate any child with special needs. Please let us know of any special needs your child may have by visiting with us at The Walk-Preschool Welcome Center, or feel free to contact Dana Kawata, Preschool Minister at 936-271-7500.