Tuesday Men's Bible Study Groups

1 Peter1.jpg

Book by Book: 1 Peter
by Paul Blackham

Leaders: Don Koele & Roger Craig
Time: 6:00 a.m.
Location: Room C-110
Cost: $4           

Book by Book: I Peter is part of the ongoing Book by Book series that covers the various books of the Bible and is hosted by Rev. Richard Bewes and Dr. Paul Blackham, pastors at All Souls Church in London, England.  This is a video based study with the video provided by Right Now Media.

In the book of I Peter, the apostle Peter encourages suffering and persecuted Christians to remain loyal to Christ. He calls us to live holy lives, looking to Christ as our example. Jesus has shown the pattern of suffering first, then glory later. Therefore believers can endure trials now because our eyes are fixed on our future hope. Peter explains how believers should live during difficult times and outlines the right attitude to have about persecution.

just do something.jpg

Just Do Something
by Kevin DeYoung

Leader: Stan Walton
Time: 6:00 a.m.
Location: Room C-114
Cost: $8

“Too often, God’s people tinker around with churches, jobs, and relationships, worrying that they haven’t found God’s perfect will for their lives.  Or—even worse—they do absolutely nothing, stuck in a frustrated state of paralyzed indecision, waiting…waiting…waiting for clear, direct unmistakable direction. 

But God doesn’t need to tell us what to do at each fork in the road.  He’s already revealed His plan for our lives: to love Him with our whole hearts, to obey His Word, and after that, to do what we like.


Spiritual Leadership
by Oswald Sanders

Leader: Calvin Pearson
Time: 6:00 a.m.
Location: Room C-129
Cost: $12

All men should be Spiritual leaders, of our homes, at work, at church, and with our friends.  This study will take us through various topics of being a leader; sometimes we will be encouraged, sometimes challenged, but all of the time we will be working together on this journ

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When The Game Is Over It All Goes Back In The Box
by John Ortberg

Leaders: Bobby Breedlove & Chad Everett
Time: 6:00 a.m.
Location: Room C-108
Cost: $7

Using popular games as a metaphor for our temporal lives, this DVD study neatly sorts out what's fleeting and what's permanent in God's kingdom. Being master of the board is not the point; being rich toward God is. Winning the game of life on earth is a temporary victory; loving God and other people with all our hearts is an eternal one.