First Time Guest

We look forward to seeing you! Please know you are a welcome guest, and we hope you and your children have a wonderful first visit.

Our staff and volunteers work hard to create a safe and meaningful class experience. Here are a few things that will help you have a successful time on Sundays.

· We recommend arriving 20 minutes before the service begins.

· When you arrive, you will find volunteers at all Welcome Desk ready to assist you in checking in your child.

· We will help you fill out a simple registration form. At that time, please let us know of any allergies or health concerns.

· Your child will be assigned a class, given a name/security label, and then escorted to classrooms.

· When you visit again, you can go directly to one of our kiosk located and print a name/security label for your child. Please feel free to ask any of our volunteers for assistance with the kiosk. Once you’ve printed your child’s name/security label, you can go directly to the classroom listed on the label.