After the Boxes are Unpacked Testimonies

Amy: What a wonderful ministry to help women through the stages of adjusting after a move!  Whether single or married, kids, no kids or kids away, we all found common issues we were dealing with.  It was a blessing to know so many other women were available to listen, understand and comfort. 

Roberta: "Boxes" encourages you to look at the positives of transitioning from the life left behind to the one in front of you as you move on.

Joan: The boxes class was the absolute best thing I could have done for myself during this move. Words cannot express what it did for me and what I saw it do first hand for every women in my group.  Not only did it help me through the transition but more importantly it established deep friendships that I know will only grow deeper over the years. This class brings together women who form deep and meaningful friendships in a way that I have never experienced this quickly because we are all making this transition together and in an incredibly supportive and loving environment.  I cannot recommend it enough.  I think this is a must for every women who moves no matter what season of life they are in.

Jerri: When our family moved to The Woodlands, it was our third relocation. I knew from previous moves that getting plugged into the community, making friends, and taking care of myself needed to be priorities as my husband and I tried to settle our family into new surroundings. I was so encouraged when the brochure for the “After the Boxes” class at Crossroads came in the mail. Little did I know that my involvement in the class would be such a huge blessing in all three areas!

Nicole: Moving to The Woodlands was our 4th move in 6 years. If there is one thing I can say that really helped me in this move, it was attending "The Boxes" class at Crossroads Baptist Church. This class was a great opportunity to meet newcomers to The Woodlands area. Whether it’s your first move or your 4th+, we all need encouragement and help along the way and "The Boxes" class at Crossroads is a great way to begin your new journey here in The Woodlands.

Kristi: Being a newcomer to The Woodlands, I joined the "The Boxes" class to meet new people. It was the most wonderful group of Christian women I ever met! God knew where I needed to be…at Crossroads Baptist church every Wednesday morning! I loved the class so much that I have decided to attend it again!

Traci: I found out about “The Boxes” class through another friend at Crossroads who had taken the class when they moved to The Woodlands. She told me that the class helped her make it through the move, as the class was full of other women who were experiencing the same feelings as she was. I now look at people and wonder if they might be where I was 10 months ago and need someone to reach out to them, as all the women in that class reached out to me. The leadership was so awesome and it was clear that they had also walked these roads sometime in their life and had seen God's grace to be more than sufficient to get you through. I will recommend this class to any newcomer I meet. It is the greatest and fastest way to meet a large group of women with whom they will share an instant bond with and receive so much encouragement from. I love all my "20+ Boxes" friends and will never forget all the times we shared together.

Pat: The "After the Boxes are Unpacked" Bible Study has been a wonderful experience in my life. This was the beginning of an "incredible" journey with 20+ other ladies who were new to The Woodlands. We laughed and cried with each other as we shared the "trials" of moving to a new community. The leadership gave us a list of restaurants, doctors, and every single thing that a new family moving to a community would need. As the weeks went on, this group loved being together and truly bonded with each other in ways that I have never experienced before. I can honestly say that these ladies are going to be my dearest friends in The Woodlands

Mary: I am basically a shy person and joined the class hoping to meet other women and perhaps meet at least one good friend. I met women in this class who really care about each other and what is going on in their lives. “The Boxes” class is the best class for any newcomer to join, to have Bible study, pray for one another, and to just have fun.

Sally: When my next door neighbor invited me to “The Boxes” class, I was intrigued. However, nothing could have prepared me for what I found. Twenty to thirty women from all ages sitting around a huge table with an openness and sense of security sufficient to allow them to share the heartaches and successes they were going through as a result of their family’s move to The Woodlands. I have been to my share of women's meetings but have never seen such trust and compassion. These traits were only exceeded by the absolutely fabulous sense of good natured humor which was ever present. This was truly the highlight of my week.

Vera: Meeting so many women that shared the same feelings of loneliness after relocating, gave me the sense of belonging. I no longer feel like a stranger in a foreign land. The friendships that began in “The Boxes” class are wonderful, and are a great blessing to me!

Teri: I heard about “The Boxes” class through two women that have children that go to Powell Elementary along with my daughter. They gave me some information about the class and strongly encouraged me to go, so I did. I was very nervous at first and a little uncomfortable, but the ladies in the class were phenomenal and made me feel like a part of their 'group family' immediately. I was very fortunate to have found such an amazing group of women who had very similar feelings as I did moving to a brand new place and feeling alone and extremely sad.

Sophia: Last week, my nephew in Iraq needed prayer, after losing four of his buddies, and I instantly thought of “The Boxes” ladies to e-mail my prayer request to. It was wonderful to know that I could call on my “Boxes” friends in time of need. This class has truly helped my move to The Woodlands feel like home.

Karen: I went to this class hoping to just find some way to deal with the problems that come from moving from a place where you had family, friends, and all of the things that make a city feel like home to you. What I found was more than that. I found ladies who not only had very similar problems, but who made me see that if you reach out to others, you can find people who will become your friends, who will help each other in the absence of family, and class leaders who know how to comfort you with reminders that God will provide for your needs. I also found a lot of fun. There is a lot to be said for laughing together as well as crying together.

Shannon: I heard about “The Boxes” class from a lady who attended it last year. She said it had helped her so much with the settling in process after moving to The Woodlands. The first time I came to the class I was amazed at how welcomed and loved I felt right from the very beginning. I began part way into the semester, and I saw a real bond among the ladies who had been attending since the first day of class. They appeared to have really helped one another work through the hardships and difficult issues and emotions of moving to a new place and starting all over. “The Boxes” class is a great way to find support, care, and love to help anyone through the "moving blues"!